Armenia’s Business Class Keen On Social media and lead to Facebook

A University’s research, conducted last months, reports the growing trend of social media utilization in Armenia, that crowns the new rules of communication, like a strong economics prospect for the country and for the young generations. The 60.6% of the population nowadays can be considered internet user, and this number increased recently with a growth of the percentage which corresponds to +47% at the end of 2009. Even though Facebook, in 2013, counted 540.000 users, it didn’t result the real leader of the social subscribing, but it is the first one for efficacy in business, politics and information. Nowadays Zuckerberg’s social includes the 19% of the population close to social media: an important sum if we consider that it is related to a part of the whole number of internet users among the nations which corresponds to the 60,6%.

The research discovered the main utilizations of the american social:

1. Disseminating information; 2. following news; 3. obtaining feedback; 4. starting new discussions; 5. historical memory; 6. keeping in touch with friends; 7. Usefull as tool work

The reason is simply explained: the 76% of the users has “the finger always stuck” on one of the three magic buttons: like, share and comment.In other words, the easiest way to spread a message. Analyzing this kind of utilization, we know that 42% of the users prefer to disseminate news or informations, the 30% just receiving and del 27% both of them. It’s cool thinking about the percentage of online subscribers is around 69%, and just the 27% results offline. It shows how people are involved in the social practice, and how new medias are replacing the traditional advertising and communication methods also in Armenia. Indeed this country, thank to Socials managed to escape from Russian information control. If the first place of users apparteins to the ages from 18 to 35, the ruling class (politicians, managers, businessman) represents the 28% of the whole number.

Relevant to be reported moreover it’s the capability of Armenia’s companies to learn the efficacy of social medias in business strategy, differently to italian companies, still close to the “ancient” methods and not so skilled as they should be…

Is this the case for a change of mind?




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