Conference 4 JA Alumni Europe, speaking about New Business

feedbackAt the very beginnig of April i was invited by the Association JA Alumni Europe, which memebers joined in my native city: Bergamo. Young graduates and younger startuppers make up the team of this international reality, and their invite was related to n Elevator Pitch about my work experience.

Well, i partecipated as memeber of another association, the Rotaract Club of Bergamo with the incoming president Giorgio Ferrari, very skilled in startup affairs. When i took part at the conference i chose to speak about the innovation program of B2B developed in the Gulf Area and Russian Market, so oriented to east.
The business program has been planned with my Communication Agency Segni d’Interpunzione, very close with our CEO Simone Parapini, and i was the individual in charge for a correct preentation to the pubblic.

Play in the market, actually, is pretty hard sure… But we’re harder! So in the following an extract of my presence:

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a real pleasure meeting you today and share my own business experience with you. My name is Cristiano, i’m just 24 and i live in Bergamo – the city where i was born, where i studied but not where i work nowadays.
As you could imagine, i’m a Rotaract Member. Moreover i work as marketing strategist and senior account for Segni d’Interpunzione, a communication agency settled in Milan.

ja5If you translate the name of my agency in english it becomes PUNTUACTION MARKS.
In this case, the mark is a sign related to the semiotics of business strategy, which allows to focus on the specific need of a company which is our client.

My focus today is on a new project, which interests the B2B, developed for the companies which want to increase their sales volume in the other parts of the world.
Following this way the client becomes a partner well supported by
 the integration of three professional characters:
1- Marketing & Communication Advisor: who analyzes and identifies the goal to reach through a specific strategy by online and offline marketing

2- Web Advisor: who planes a web strategy cordinating in a close action: web site, e-commerce platform and social media

3- Communication Coach: who increases the valuor of the market action, giving instruction to the account, explaining them how to sell, how to positionate the product on a market place


This is the real innovation of business rules: the client becomes a partner, and moreover we teach him how to work in a specific market, how to develope his business and  how to sell his own products in the stranger nations thank to the web.

In the same time, our Agency works on two different areas:
1- The Corporate Identity and Web Positioning
2- The Web Lab (web site, app, e-commerce)

Thanks to our activity we can segment the market identifying the consumers to whom our clients can sell their products.



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  1. wanda monaci ha detto:

    Ciao CRI,articolo molto bello,devi solo correggere il pronome personale io , in inglese si scrive sempre maiuscolo, altrimenti e’ un errore di grammatica Io hai sempre scritto minuscolo….

    Mi piace


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